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Travel Guide:

Ganapatipule is a small village on the Konkan coast in Maharashtra with a series of beautiful beaches and vantage points offering some breathtaking views of the sea. The “Swayambhu Ganpati Temple”, on the Ganapatipule beach is itself is the primary attraction in Ganapatipule that draws thousands of pilgrims every year to this small but beautiful village.


>> Swayambhu Ganpati Temple:

This  400 years old Ganpati image at Ganapatipule is said to have sprung up from the soil. This god faces the West, so as to guard the western gates in India, unlike deities in other Indian temples who face the east. The temple is at the base of a hill, and pilgrims walk around the hill as a mark of respect. It is said that the feeling after reaching here can’t be described in words.

>> Ganapatipule Beach:

Ganapatipule with a series of pristine beaches apart from the Ganapatipule beach itself makes Ganapatipule an ideal holiday destination for the beach lover’s in Maharashtra. The twin beaches of Aare – Wareand the Malgund beach flanks either sides of the beautiful Ganapatipule beach.

How to reach Ganapatipule:

>>By Train:  The nearest railway station is the Konkan Railway Bhoke which is located at a distance of approx. 35 km from Ganapatipule. However, Ratnagiri, the convenient railway station is located at a distance of 50 km as there are many train connection to Ratnagiri station.

>>By Bus:  The Maharashtra State Road Transport plies buses from Mumbai (385 km) and Pune (340 km) . The tariff per seat is around Rs 250-400 and the frequency of the buses is every three hours. Buses also operate to and from Ratnagiri.

Best Time to visit Ganapatipule:

Ganapatipule can be spectacular during the monsoons and just after the monsoons from June to October month.

Driving Directions to Ganapatipule:

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  Beautiful Beaches


Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches


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